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Assessment Results

Mary Elliot uses the BSquared framework to support whole school assessment.  Within the B squared system, there are several assessment journeys that our pupils can follow depending on their stage of learning.  Pupils can move between frameworks or remain on the same framework for their entire school career depending on which is best suited to the curriculum they follow, promoting systemic learning and supporting pupil progress.  


The Engagement Steps: This is a brand new assessment framework developed in response to the recommendations made within the ‘Rochford Review, The final report’, 2016, and building on the work already carried out by the CLDD research project (The CLDD Project) in 2011. The team at B Squared have designed the Engagement Steps framework to support the learning and assessment of pupils not yet engaged in subject-specific learning, covering what was once recorded as the developmental range from P1(i) to P6. The Engagements Steps framework is divided into key developmental areas which reflect the four areas of need and has been updated to reflect the changes brought in by the Engagement Model. 


The Progression Steps: This framework supports teachers to identify and record the on-going achievements of pupils who are working moderately or severely beneath age-related expectations in some or all areas of their development. It’s designed to help staff to assess the knowledge and abilities associated with the intellectual development of children against the national curriculum subjects. It also supports the new Pre-Key Stage standards from the DfE. 


Steps for Life: This is aimed at students in Key stages 4 and 5.  It provides a broad assessment framework focused on supporting a curriculum which aims to teach life skills, independence and work related learning.  The framework is broken down into 3 main areas including academic skills, employability skills and life skills with the purpose of supporting pupils to navigate their chosen individual pathways.  With ‘preparing for adulthood’ remaining a national initiative and a strong focus of EHCP’s from year 9 onwards, this Framework aims to show the personal and academic progress of individuals and support in planning next steps. 


In addition, BSquared also utilizes the 'Autism progress' framework.  This has been developed in collaboration with experts from three leading Autism charities alongside experienced SEN teachers, Speech and Language Therapists, and Occupational Therapists. This additional assessment tool enables teachers to monitor and assess the impact of a person’s autism and to build a profile in the specific areas of Communication, Flexibility of Thought, Social Interaction, and Emotional Regulation. From here they can identify areas where support is needed and access a bank of targeted support strategies to help overcome barriers. Any skills in Autism Progress that are in our other frameworks are automatically linked, giving a more holistic view. 


Accredited courses: Throughout Key stages 4 and 5, Pupils work towards a number of accredited units in both OCR and ASDAN.  A range of units are mapped against the thematic rolling program along with the Maths and English rolling programs so that Accreditation compliments and supports the school curriculum, allowing pupils to learn holistic skills in the context of daily life.