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SET Curriculum

SET Department (Sensory, Engagement and Therapeutic) - Curriculum Intent

The SET curriculum will support young people to become integrated members of society. It will support their understanding of the world, people and places around them, through a variety of sensory experiences whilst developing their confidence. The young people will experience sounds, movements, textures, smells and other sensory input to support their understanding of the sensory world around them. Where needed the young people will also learn to manage their own emotions and regulate their behaviour to cope with new and challenging situations in order to access a wider range of life experiences.


The young people working within the SET curriculum will be working towards developing their ability to communicate and make effective life choices and expressing preferences. They will be supported to use their communication skills, however small, in meaningful ways to impact on their everyday life. They will also be supported to understand their own daily routines and experiences through appropriate levels of communication. The young people within the SET department can have additional vulnerabilities, including health, physical and sensory needs. These will be addressed within the curriculum through additional therapies, physical management plans, and additional health support to enable them to continue to access the community and wider world.