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SLD Curriculum

SLD Department - Curriculum Intent

The SLD curriculum will support students to become active members of society. It will help them to understand their community and the wider world, as well as develop their communication, independence and confidence. We will provide a wide range of experiences, which will enable our students to prepare for life.


Students within the SLD department will be working towards becoming a more effective citizen by developing awareness of British Values, being part of the community, becoming more independent and learning transferable life skills. Where appropriate this could include work experience, college placements and developing independent living skills. Students will be supported in making meaningful life choices such as healthy living, managing money and expressing their opinion. To develop their social skills, students will be encouraged to form friendships, behave appropriately (or manage/regulate their behaviour), and stay safe when out and about or online.  We aim to make a positive difference to our students’ lives by enabling them to develop these transferable skills. With the support of families and carers, these skills can be used at home, in the community, at school and in life beyond.